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Sunday morning: 9:00AM


44 Brisbane Rd.
Labrador, QLD 4215


Like us!

Let’s have some fun!

Play, chat, connect. 

Join us for Sunday Social, run third Sunday of every month – open to all.



Life is better together.

Life groups are all about developing meaningful relationships and doing life together.

Alpha Course

Is there more to life than this? Alpha is a series of sessions that explore life, faith and meaning.

Alpha is run regularly throughout the year.




“We believe Lifehouse Church GC is a really great church because it’s simply full of great people and after all, it’s a people not a building that make a church great. I like it that our people are a diverse bunch from all kinds of backgrounds and I especially like that they appreciate what God has done in their lives but still remember what life was like without him. This keeps us all from looking at people in their limitations and instead we choose to always look at people knowing what God can and will do with them. 

We believe that no matter what your story is, if you are looking for a church home you will be a good fit for us at Lifehouse Church GC, where we truly believe this is a place for everyone and certainly a place for you. So we hope to see you soon, until then be blessed.”

Ps. George and Ps. Bernie